The Complete Guide To Surfcasting By Allan Burgess

Learn the Secrets of Surfcasting. Improve Your Casting Distance, Catch More Fish, More Often, Rigs, Tackle, Plus Heaps More!

144 pages, 160 colour pic, Just NZ$11.99  ISBN 978-0-9582933-0-3  First version published in 2008

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Many will have tried surfcasting over the years with mixed results. Perhaps you caught a couple of small ones! Perhaps you got a dose of sunburn but didn’t even catch a single fish. While that guy just up the beach has been hauling them in all day! Don’t worry; we have all been there. Some anglers seem to catch good fish consistently while others appear to be wasting their time. The reason for this can be summed up in one word: knowledge!

As a member of several fishing clubs, I have enjoyed many clubs and inter-club surfcasting competitions stretching back several decades to beaches all over New Zealand’s South Island. One thing I’ve noticed is that many of these events are won by a surprisingly small and select group of anglers. Even if they don’t win outright they often finish in the top ten! Why? Knowledge!

Why is it that given the large numbers taking part just a few fishermen can so often catch not only the most fish but also the heaviest of the day as well? Believe me, it's true. I have seen it happen many times. It isn’t just down to luck. These guys know what they are doing. They are using the knowledge they have gained over a lifetime spent fishing! Perhaps most importantly they are good at putting everything they know together to get the best results every time!

Top surfcasters have an awareness of their fishing environment. This is essential as it enables them to select the best places to go surfcasting, the best times to fish, which baits to use and so on. This means they are always maximizing their fishing potential in a given area. For many old hands, this knowledge eventually becomes instinctive. They just know which are the best options to take without even thinking about it.

The author has gathered together as much of this surfcasting knowledge as possible and released it now in this first-ever edition of The Complete Guide To Surfcasting by Allan Burgess This book also contains a substantial North Island surfcasting perspective, thanks to the considerable and greatly appreciated the assistance of Denis Moresby. Denis has regularly fished New Zealand’s best-known surfcasting competition; the annual Lion Snapper Classic held on Northland’s Ninety Mile Beach.

This ebook has been produced to a very high standard. The pictures and text are crisp and sharp when viewed either on screen with Adobe Reader or printed out to read later at your leisure. To see what we mean you can download this three-page sample now. You are very welcome to print these pages if you wish. Just “Right Click” and then “Save Target As” to download the zip file to your computer.

This incredible new 144-page book has taken over two years to put together. It is only available here on this website. It is not sold in bookstores. The only way you can get a copy is by downloading it from the link below.

This extremely detailed ebook is in pdf format, which means you can be reading it within just a few minutes on your computer, or print it out so you read it in your favourite armchair, and start improving your surfcasting knowledge and learn how to catch more fish RIGHT NOW!

The Complete Guide To Surfcasting is arranged in 13 information-crammed chapters. You’ll get the author’s lifetime of surfcasting experience refined in incredible detail as he gives the inside low-down on Rods for Surfcasting •  Reels •  Shock Leaders and Fishing Lines •  Surfcasting Accessories •  A massive variety of baits •  Spinners and Tackle •  Long Lines •  Making Terminal Tackle Rigs •  Where to Fish •  A whole chapter on Mullet •  Casting greater distances •  Different types of beaches •  Kite assisted casting •  And heaps more!  

About the author, Allan Burgess was the founder and editor of Southern Fishing and Boating magazine which he ran for 11 years.

He has fished in many surfcasting contests over the years and has also been fortunate to have fished some of the South Island‘s most isolated and pristine beaches – where the fish bite all day long!

In this book, Allan Burgess has combined his immense fishing and surfcasting experience with his ability to explain things simply and clearly in words and pictures. There are over 198 photographs in The Complete Guide To Surfcasting, most of which have never been published before. Order your own .pdf version now for just NZ$11.99

Here is just a fraction of what’s inside…

•  Getting Started – What is surfcasting all about? •  Surfcasting Rods  – solid glass, hollow glass and graphite, what makes a good surf rod. •  Surfcasting Reels – eggbeaters, free spools, side casters, what to look for in a reel. •  Fishing Lines – monofilament, shock-leaders, tapered and coloured lines, braids, thumb casters. •  Accessories – choosing and making beach spikes, rod buckets, belts, gaffs, and heaps more!

•  Surfcasting Baits – squid, octopus, live and dead baits, mackerel, pilchards, and many more!

•  Yellow-eyed Mullet – catching small baitfish, casting nets, rigs, floats, bait flies.

•  Terminal tackle – Impact shields, sinkers, running rigs, yoke rigs, paternosters and more!

•  Best Places to Fish – steeply shelving, shallow and sandy, how deep should the water be?

•  Great Casting Distance – short drop, off the ground, pendulum, low-cost distance improvements.

•  Kite Assisted Casting – “cast” further than you ever thought possible – great fun this one.

•  Kite and Electric Kontiki Towed Long Lines – kites, winds, floats, lines, reels, traces, hooks.

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